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About Tangoo

This is who we are.

AdTech Experts

Our strategies are aimed at optimizing programmatic spend while heightening bid precision, offering our clients more efficiency, transparency, and control in their digital campaigns.

We aren’t just avid fans of adtech––we’re developers, too. We consistently add to our ad stack, making sure we build algorithms and tech solutions designed to serve media buyers better.
















We provide brands and advertisers with a full funnel strategy through a multi-platform solution, adapting various tech features to suit our clients’ needs.

We’re tech enthusiasts, but we aren’t partial to a particular platform over another. We’ve selected from a variety of offerings the cream of the crop to focus our services on, ensuring our clients get the best the market has to offer.















Strong Partners and Advocates

We build relationships exclusively with media partners who keep us plugged-in to the industry’s best and latest. We also know that a key principle to thriving in the market is transparency: this is why we vet each and every partnership to make sure that the results we bring our clients are Brand-Safe and thorough in measurement.

At tangoo, we also believe that abundance is meant to be shared, and want to play our part in making a difference in the world. That’s why we’re partners with Terre des Hommes, an international federation working to give children across the globe protection and equal access to fundamental rights.

To us, this is what being successful truly means: having the courage of our convictions to pursue a future we believe in.















Tangoo combines a selection of tech solutions with a team of highly-trained experts so that we can give our clients the best. At the heart of our success is our modus operandi: committing our efforts with the long-haul in mind.

This mindset guides every facet of our operations, be it in hiring and growing talent, or in providing honest consultation to our clients, even at the expense of closing a new contract.














Our very own bid models

Introducing Tangoo Bid Models

Algorithms with even more precision.

Tailor bid models and customize your projects through the algorithm sandboxes we’ve developed. Tangoo’s Bid Models are a tool-agnostic way to set bid prices based on a specific combination of variables. An offline data table that can be uploaded into a bidder and used to determine the correct bid price in real time, we’re harnessing Beeswax’s build-as-you-go technology in order to give our clients the best when it comes to tailoring their programmatic strategies.

With tangoo, take advantage of the following enhanced targeting methods:

  • Optimize against CPI goals
  • Decide your own pacing for cpm/delivery goal (deliver on time against video impressions but optimize to video-view time)
  • Combine user scoring with bid models
  • Overlay zip-code data: build a data pipeline to generate zip-code keyed Bid Models to overlay on other campaign targeting strategies.















Ad stack

Google Marketing Platform

  • Custom Bidding
  • Search Ads 360
  • Analytics 360
  • Display & Video 360
  • Data Studio

Tangoo Bid Manager

Our bidding technology provides brands with the following:

  • Smart Feed Manager
  • Ranking system (capturing customer journey data for our machine learning algorithms)
  • Customizable algorithms for prioritizing users and placements based on value association
  • Dynamic creatives tailored according to sales goals















The team

Marino Gualano

Founder & International Business Development

May we present Marino.



Stefano Angelini


May we present Stefano.



Gaetano Polignano

Strategy & Direction

Greetings from Gaetano.
As tangoo’s commander-in-chief, Gaetano is understandably well-known in the Italian scene as a Programmatic guru of sorts, but what some don’t know is that prior to focusing on his burgeoning digital career, Gaetano was an avid rocker. In fact, if you look hard enough, the Internet will provide traces of the bands he used to be a part of, when his soul still belonged to music. He’s ours now, but those drumsticks aren’t somewhere collecting dust: when the pressures of adtech get a bit too much, he still lets loose on his Soprano set now and then. Any other free time he dedicates to habits he decries as “nerdy”, namely, cooking (a lot of precision there) and reading articles on topics varying from astrophysics to criminology.



Claudia Mammarella


All hail Claudia.
Claudia coordinates our revenue generation processes, which means she’s constantly shuttling back and forth departments, all while keeping cool as a cucumber with a dazzling, genuine smile on her face. Amongst her many talents, she counts snake charming, selecting the most luxe hotels at the best prices, and switching from playful to serious at the drop of a hat. She’s not all business, though: in between all that, she somehow manages to fit in drawing courses, theatre nights with close friends, massages, and scrumptious meal times.



Davide Ricco


May we present Davide.
Davide brings more than 12 years experience in digital. He has refined his skills working with different agencies. For 8 years now, he is focused and has been actively involved in selling to direct customers. The art in sales is creating new possibilities and solutions, so Davide will be the creator of our sales strategies and coordination of all sales activities. Playing basketball has been a passion for him since he was young, and then coached youth and senior teams for over 15 years. All this experience helped and taught him how to manage team’s especially under pressure. Davide enjoys reading business books, but during this time he is very interested in space books as well.
Are you ready to train with him?


Dario Pesce

Sales - Agencies

Say hello to Dario.
Dario’s day-to-day includes the coordination of our clients’ overarching media strategy and seeking new avenues of growth for the company, but if you’d asked his 14-year-old self what he was going to become, he’d have proudly declared, “Engineer!” As a teen, he loved nothing more than taking apart scooter engines and putting them back together, often modding them to curious effect. Alas, life had other plans for him, so he’s stuck with us for now. He consoles himself with good wine, good food, and the copious amounts of sunshine any self-respecting pugliese would need.



Daniela Tiriticco

Affiliate & Performance Agencies

Say hello to Daniela.

Matteo Ferrario

Campaigns & Product

This is Matteo.
Some people might think data is boring, but not Matteo – in fact, coming up with new methods of capturing the interest of online users is one of the favorite parts of his job. When he is not coming up with machinations on new types of Programmatic data strategy, Matteo enjoys continuing the polarizing debate on whether Metropolis or Blade Runner should be considered the best sci-fi film of all time (answer: it’s Metropolis), or planning his next rave festival once COVID-19 is over.



Emiliano Teodoro


This is Emiliano.



Małgorzata Milczarek


Malgo says hello.
Malgo comes from a land that doesn’t love vowels very much, so she’ll forgive you if you can’t pronounce Warsaw, Wałbrzych or Wroclaw, AKA a handful of cities she spent time in before settling down in Italy. Most of her time is dedicated to talent sourcing or seeking paths of success and happiness for the rest of us within the company, but when she’s off-duty, she’s usually on the road with her family, exploring new Italian towns in their trusty RV. She also has a daughter who’s already a polyglot at the tender age of 7, with big plans for global domination. Watch out, world.



Giuseppe Cutrera


Meet our controller, Giuseppe!
He spent more than 13 years in AFC Department, worked in Asia as an Outsourcer for Accounting and Finance for a time and even in other European countries. He has extensive experience also an excellent and strong financial performance. If you have accounting problems, he can solve it all. Giuseppe is good at playing with numbers, as good as playing beach volleyball. For many years, he played 5-a-side football. He is responsible for making sure that all the numbers are updated and go into the right buckets. When he’s not working, he can be found hiking in the mountains. Please don’t make him angry, if you want to get paid!




Join the team

We’re constantly on the lookout for great talent to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to make an impact in the ever-changing landscape of Programmatic advertising but don’t see your dream role here, send your CV our way and we’ll be in touch if there’s a fit:















Working for Tangoo

Tangoo is an equal opportunity employer.
We are committed to promoting fair, equal and respectful treatment to all employees and applicants without discrimination of any kind at the workplace. This applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including but not limited to hiring & placement, promotion, flexibility options, leaves of absence, compensation and training.















Current openings

Sales Manager

Location: Milan - Italy

Check out this job description

Customer Success Manager

Location: Pescara - Italy

Check out this job description

IT Recruiter

Location: Tirana, Albania or Prishtina, Kosovo

Check out this job description

Client Success Manager

Location: Milan - Italy

Check out this job description

Project Assistant

Location: Tirana - Albania

Check out this job description

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