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21.09.2023 Press Release Read more

Tangoo’s expansion into LATAM

Welcoming Jeff Pfefferkorn as Chief Growth Officer

13.09.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Unleashing the potential of Audio Advertising

Exploring the neuroscience and strategies of effective Ads

13.09.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Connected TV in the era of personalization and profiling

How customization is transforming the TV viewing experience

06.09.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

From vineyard to clicks

Toast to online success with the winning digital blend!

17.07.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

When gameplay meets advertising

Strategies and planning for In-Game Ads

10.07.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

The framework to achieve tech maturity

Guide to the digital growth of small businesses (second part)

29.06.2023 Press Release Read more

Tangoo’s remarkable 2022

+67% revenue growth and new tech products set the stage for global expansion in 2023

07.06.2023 Press Release Read more

Moving From “Nascent” to “Multi-Moment”

The guide to digital maturity by Tangoo and The Harvest Consulting

06.06.2023 Press Release Read more

Scorpion Bay’s digital maturity journey

Partnering with Tangoo for a comprehensive digital strategy

31.05.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

The framework to achieve maturity

Guide to the digital growth of small businesses (first part)

31.05.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Blockchain Advertising

The era of secure and transparent advertising

30.05.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Super App

Why they are the future of (In-App) Advertising

29.05.2023 Press Release Read more

Luke Judge Joins Tangoo as Non-Executive Director

Tangoo prepares to expand beyond Italy with new office openings in the UK and US

06.03.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Programmatic advertising for Pharma

How this industry can maximise its ad spend

28.02.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Google’s Performance Max

How could advertisers benefit from it?

26.01.2023 Marketing Pills Read more

Digital Audio advertising

Give a twist to your digital strategy

09.12.2022 Press Release Read more


Officially presented at the event “Digital Culture & Artistic Visions” created by Tangoo

19.10.2022 Marketing Pills Read more

Living in a cookieless world

Cookies go, but Data stays

23.09.2022 Press Release Read more

Davide Ricco as the new Head of Sales

Tangoo expands the sales team

19.09.2022 Marketing Pills Read more

The power of DOOH

How Outdoor Advertising is evolving in digital

14.09.2022 Press Release Read more

“Tangoo per il cinema”

Tangoo, Digital Media Partner of the Starlight International Cinema Award

22.08.2022 Marketing Pills Read more

Benefits and impact of CTV on digital advertising

Is a new era for brands to reach their audience

11.04.2022 Press Release Read more

The birth of tangoo

Gaetano Polignano has the role of managing director

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