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19.09.2022 Marketing Pills

The power of DOOH

How Outdoor Advertising is evolving in digital

by Marketing department

There are now more ways to reach customers than ever before, so we are going to tell you why you should focus on DOOH!

Digital out-of-home advertising offers incredible opportunities for businesses in the modern marketing era. It has been gaining popularity for several reasons, but primarily offers tremendous reach and control to the advertiser, while catching the audience’s attention more effectively than static billboards. Digital Out-of-Home advertising is dynamic. Additionally, DOOH enables targeted advertising based on who is watching the displays.



DOOH is expected to see steady growth in the coming years. Research And Markets predicts that the DOOH industry will reach $35.1 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 9.3%. Given that the average U.S. citizen spends 70% of their time outside their home, it makes sense that brands are investing more in DOOH campaigns.



DOOH provides major advantages to advertisers, as brands want to extend their reach to the right audience at the right time in an impressive way.

1.Impossible to ignore

DOOH has the opportunity to make an impression on a large audience, so it’s so hard to avoid them. You can’t skip, turn off or walk by without seeing them. For this reason, they’re great at increasing brand awareness. And when done correctly, audiences can actually be excited to interact with a DOOH display.

2.Improved data collection

Data from DOOH displays is much more accurate and granular. DOOH displays can be integrated with various types of sensors and software, which give advertisers insights into how many people viewed their ad, who viewed their ad (age, gender, etc.), and what time of day the ad was most popular.

3.Cost savings

Digital out-of-home displays offer high returns! With DOOH, much of the process is automated and managed by computer software, known as a demand side platform (DSP). Advertisers can buy new ad space and update creatives with a few clicks.


Companies are no longer limited to using static images. They can create videos, moving images, slideshows, animations, interactive games, and so much more.



DOOH can also be part of the drive-to-store strategies thanks to proximity targeting and user spatial data. It is a great way to do advertising because it can increase brand awareness and sales in physical stores.

Because of the integration with mobile, DOOH can be a powerful instrument even further. It’s possible to use targeting based on position to implement in real time messages on screen to reach customers in a better way and create an interactive experience.


Why Tangoo?

Thanks to Tangoo’s Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) you can reach the right target at the right time by activating the most effective screens in real-time.

It’s possible to use different formats like Maxi Led, Digital Totem, Digital Box and many more as well as using different positions such as (malls, airports, billboards) to maximize results and spending.

For brands, it is an important channel because impressions are measured based on the actual number of people exposed to the advertising, which would be defined as:

  1. One or more impressions 
  2. No impression if there is no audience (no cost)

Contact us for more news on how Digital out-of-home is changing the industry and how we can help you in the best way possible.

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