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Augmenting brand awareness and subscriptions on TIMVision

Strategy & Services involved:


TIMVision is an Internet Video-on-Demand service by TIM, the biggest telecommunications company in Italy.

TIMVision is amongst the top three VOD platforms in Italy, behind global streaming giants Prime Video and Netflix. In 2021, they approached us because they wanted to increase brand awareness and subscriptions on their platform, with a focus on reaching out to a massive audience of football fans.

The challenge

TIMVision had recently acquired, through their partnership with DAZN, broadcast rights with Serie A, Italian football’s top-level content for soccer fans nationwide. This was not immediately apparent to viewers everywhere, however: match rights previously belonged to major Italian sports broadcaster Sky Sport, before passing on to DAZN in July 2021.

Despite TIMVision having an attractive bundle with a number of strong streaming players like DAZN and Infinity TV, increasing subscriptions was not going to be a walk in the park for TIMVision. The headlines lay with DAZN, not TIMVision.

How we helped

The goal was to bring as much visibility as possible to TIMVision’s promotion through a video campaign, guaranteeing maximum completion while making sure to not disrupt the user content experience.

Together with MINT, our team put together a list of premium publishers and established strategic deals with partner networks in order to ensure the Rich Media format we chose with our partner Sublime was delivered to an in-target audience while they were browsing relevant content.

We decided on a format that was a combination of both Display and Video, where ad interaction was set off through scrolling. While the Rich Media format had more ad space as compared to standard display ads, this particular combination of Display, Video and interaction allowed us to deliver an ad experience that avoided irritating readers who weren’t interested, while capturing the attention of those who were.


We worked tirelessly to ensure that changes to ad creatives were updated with the utmost immediacy. The campaign flight happened during the Serie A Italian Football Championships that changed based on the team that were playing, so this meant that Video and Display creatives were constantly updated to match upcoming games. We also closely monitored ad performance under each publisher and optimized our white list selection based on how well the creatives were resonating with audiences in their content experiences.

The dedication all of us put into this campaign paid off: overall metrics showed that there was a 61% Video Completion Rate, a 90% In-View Rate, and a Click-through-Rate of 1.03%––an impressive score, given many Prospecting campaigns are considered to perform well between 0.2% – 0.3%!

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