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Social Display

Banner blindness happens to the best of us.

Fight ad fatigue with creatives that already resonate with your audience and go beyond the reach of standard social media.

Complete and enrich your media mix and strategy through a content-marketing approach and produce authentic recreations of social media posts adapted to standard banner placements.

Through tangoo’s social display offering:

Deliver seamless ad experiences to your audiences through familiar formats, bridging the environments of social media with that of the open web.

Expand your reach beyond the walled gardens of social media channels.

Save time and resources on creatives that already work on your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube)

Easily customize social media formats and adapt your creatives and copy to the environments targeted in your programmatic campaigns.

Track engagement metrics across your social display campaigns as you normally would.

Some Social Display examples

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Rich Media

Standout, not standard.

You’ve made use of contextual and semantic targeting in order to find the most relevant inventory for the content you want delivered to your audience. Now what?

With our wide selection of rich media formats and premium publisher network, interact and engage with your audience like never before: whether you’re seeking to gain maximum visibility for a branding campaign or cast your net further through prospecting efforts, we’ll be there to guide your media campaign strategy towards the most impactful digital ad experiences for your intended audience segments.

With tangoo, gain access to:

Premium publisher networks across all verticals, fully vetted and audited for brand safety.

Extensive rich media capabilities of Audio, Video, Interactive and AnimatedDisplay ads.

Highly engaging ad experiences that remain in full view, unobstructed while unintrusive.

Up to 9* times more ad space for display campaigns.

A creative team who will help execute your vision with the best-suited creatives and formats.

*up to 3 times on mobile devices.

Some Rich Media examples

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Clients we've done this for: TIMVision

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Right target? Check. Right time? Check. What’s missing?

Work as hard as you want on your targeting, but without a compelling creative, that ad’s not going to stick. With tangoo, combine user data with powerful messaging customized according to dynamic data signals in order to maximize your ad’s relevance to a user’s intent and interests in that very moment.

Our Dynamic Creative Optimization services include:

Smart Feed Manager
With tangoo’s proprietary tool, easily connect all your product data to boost your multichannel e-commerce strategy

Ready-to-Go and Custom Templates
Need a purely product focus and have little time for creatives? We offer templates that are customizable to varying degrees, based on your needs.

Periodic updates on ad creatives and feed based on seasonality.

Customize product recommendations based on user purchase intent. Pair data strategy with creative optimization aimed at cross- and upselling to customers.

Some DCO examples

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Connected TV

Harness the impact and prestige of TV-programmatically.

Need to reach viewers who are too good for cable? Now you can. Coordinate programmatic campaigns across streaming platforms, with smarter measurement and more control over audience targeting and frequency cap. Scale your reach to accelerate growth on connected TV devices and major streaming platforms. Forget plain brand marketing: we take this medium further through targeting, optimization and attribution* in order to translate full-funnel goals into action-based metrics.

Connected TV communicates to your ideal audience segments through both contextual and behavioral targeting, making sure your ad is seen by engaged viewers who are likely to search for you even after they’ve seen your ad.

*only available in the United States.

tangoo’s CTV & OTT capabilities include:



Frequency cap

Brand Safe environment

Non-Skippable and Sound-On formats

Behavioral targeting through Universal ID technologies

Deliver CTV campaigns across these devices:

App Retargeting

Got people to download your app? Congratulations!

But getting users to download an app isn’t even half the struggle: in fact, it’s barely scratching the tip of the iceberg.

Apps are powerful. With global consumer spending in mobile apps surpassing $133 billion in 2021, and European retail app installs expected to increase to 187 million by early 2022, apps have never been more valuable. They have proven to become the cornerstone of user attention, and generate revenue that business owners can no longer afford to ignore.

Target your existing users across our wide publisher network of premium content and apps, and have them automatically redirected to a specific section of your app.

With tangoo, structure your campaigns on:




Microtransactions (in-app purchases)

Returning Users

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