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22.08.2022 Marketing Pills

Benefits and impact of CTV on digital advertising

Is a new era for brands to reach their audience

by Marketing department

Today we want to go deeper on one of the media services we offer and the fastest-growing channels in advertising, which is Connected TV. 

Connected TV is a device that is able to connect television to the Internet to show content in streaming. It makes possible for viewers to access their favourite content through linear TV, OTT(over-the-top) and every connected device.

Because of its high potential, we can say that CTV ads are an effective way of reaching target audience because they are highly targeted, trackable and brand-safe ads. 

Let’s say that is a new era for brands to reach their audience.


CTV rules in advertising

CTV stands out for being more affordable to reach the target audience without a millionaire budget, and also for lower impression costs. 

Important metrics that you can track in CTV are: impressions, completed view rate and reach.


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Connected TV

1.More control over your ads

With CTV advertising you can get much more control over who sees your ads, this allows you not only to reach a growing audience but also choose who they want their ads to be shown to.

2.Reach your audience

The best marketing campaigns are those where you meet customers where they are and the best thing about CTV is reach. We are able to reach the right audience through the right channel. The number of houses that are tuning in to connected television is growing. According to reports form the market, 82% of households are expected to be connected to CTV by 2023.

3.Completely cookieless

The market is moving towards elimination of cookies. In this perspective, thanks to CTV, marketers have an opportunity to get ahead of any measurement issues and proactively address identity.

4.Cost effective   

Connected TV offers flexibility in selecting a price structure, such as cost per view or cost per metric which makes it more affordable to reach the target audience on a big screen format and also CTV lower impression costs.

5.High completion rates 

CTV advertising is unique and different from traditional TV because ads are non-skippable and viewers have to watch the complete ad to continue viewing their content. You can check out this case study by tangoo in which we managed a 97% view through rate with the strategy we carried out.

If you want to know more about this, contact us!


Ads on Netflix and Disney  

On July, Netflix decided to open the door to the possibility of advertising on its platform. This is a great opportunity to have a new source of inventory and reach (stream) audience that has been hard to reach. The fastest growing video advertising platform is now CTV. Video streaming has proven itself to be more than a fleeting trend. Netflix will offer a tremendous chance for brands to leverage a new channel to reach and connect with a highly-engaged audience based on demographics and content. What is actually happening you can look at the article to know more.

On the same page of Netflix, Disney has reached an agreement to use data matched to target automated ads across Disney. In this way it will be easier for advertisers to join the capabilities of targeting  and automated ads. Read this article to find out more.


Why Tangoo?

As a digital media partner, Tangoo can support you to identify the right target, goals and Kpi to reach viewers who are too good for cable. Beyond this, we can give you full support, coordinating programmatic campaigns across streaming platforms with smarter measurement and more control over audience targeting and frequency cap.

We take this beyond through targeting, optimization and attribution in order to translate full-funnel goals into action-based metrics. 

With CTV you will reach your viewers who are likely to search for you even after they have seen your ad. 

Find out Tangoo’s CTV & OTT capabilities!



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