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11.04.2022 Press Release

The birth of tangoo

Gaetano Polignano has the role of managing director

by amanda

Italian heart, international breath and a young team for the independent trading desk which aims to be the ideal digital partner.

Milan, April 2022 – Born with the objective of maximising Programmatic Italian business to reach an international level, Tangoo is an Italian independent trading desk that announces its debut in the digital marketing fields combining technological solutions and the expertise of a young, dynamic and international team.

With its headquarter in Milan, Tangoo aims to win the Italian and Spanish markets this year in order to expand the brand and services into Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, boasting important Iab and Google certifications recently obtained. Goal: to establish a strong presence in 2023.

Tangoo offers a strategy that combines Paid Media (Display, DOOH, CTV, Digital Audio, In-App, Paid Social), Creative Asset Optimization and Data Analytics Solutions with the Strategic Consultancy. This activity wants to offer to the brand and to advertise a full service able to convert marketing metrics into real business results.


“Tangoo wants to go over the display activities integrating them in a careful management of data, instrument of analytics and creative assets to let the brands reach the platform ownership and to transfer knowledge”

– Gaetano Polignano, Managing Director tangoo


The newborn startup seeks to maximise its partners’ media spending so they can intercept targets even now in a cookieless environment.

The service provided is based on three aspects: highest efficiency, full transparency and absolute control in marketing decisions and media buying.

“Tangoo wants to go beyond the display activities integrating them in a careful  management of data, analytics instruments and creative assets for transferring knowledge and ownership of platforms to brands” specifies Gaetano Polignano, Managing Director of Tangoo, that concludes saying “We want to increase our clients expertise through three phases: digital transformation, maturity and independence. Our ultimate goal is to convert our clients’ business needs into digital marketing strategies, giving them the appropriate tools to start a path based on in-housing of activities and decisions. In this way we can guarantee the creation of well structured and strong and significant impact campaigns”.

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Officially presented at the event “Digital Culture & Artistic Visions” created by Tangoo

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