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06.06.2023 Press Release

Scorpion Bay’s digital maturity journey

Partnering with Tangoo for a comprehensive digital strategy

by Marketing department

This is a new adventure and a new client for Tangoo, the new media partner for Scorpion Bay.

Tangoo is a 360-degree digital media partner that supports clients (brands, agencies, and affiliate networks) in structuring, developing, and delivering their digital strategy and all services included in it, perfectly customized to transform their business needs into marketing solutions. Media, website optimization (SEO/SEM), creativity, data analysis, and technology: a mix of solutions, services, and professional experience that guides clients towards digital maturity.

Scorpion Bay, a Californian brand inspired by the surfing community of the 90s, has launched a new digital strategy for 2023 to reach digital maturity.Supported in its strategic marketing activities by The Harvest Consulting, it has chosen Tangoo as its Digital Media Partner. 

A broad digital development plan with a partnership between Scorpion Bay, The Harvest Consulting, and Tangoo has already yielded encouraging results. 

Specifically, The Harvest Consulting, a consulting firm that supports brands by designing rebranding and repositioning plans, has curated and is supporting Scorpion Bay in its launch plan, while Tangoo has created and is implementing the entire digital strategy.

The project began with an analysis phase of the site, traffic, and market trends. A digital maturity path was then created with a mix of services and products perfectly customized for Scorpion Bay. 

“We have brilliantly completed the first phase of implementation and setting up of the paid platforms (SEM and social), as well as  meticulous SEO optimization work in the first 3 months of the year. By doing so, we have traced the roadmap for future data management implementations,” says Davide Ricco, Head of Sales at Tangoo. “At this point, we have optimized the site in anticipation of the launch of the new spring/summer collection. The preliminary work done has allowed us to immediately achieve positive results. The work we have done is allowing us to increase the quantity and quality of data from user experience and advertising, with the aim of implementing increasingly sophisticated and data-driven strategies by the end of the year,” concludes Davide Ricco.

“We have implemented our dashboard that allows for shared monitoring with the client of the progress and performance of activities, as well as the omnichannel structure of the strategy and the optimization of the analytics system,” comments Francesco Rulli, Customer Success Manager at Tangoo. “What we are achieving is a concrete path towards digital maturity, with the aim of bringing Scorpion Bay from the emerging phase to the multi-moment phase of the framework,” adds Rulli.

“The results of these first months are promising,” comments Lucio Mistri, CEO of Scorpion Bay. “In April, the campaign generated +100% of the e-commerce revenue for the entire month of April 2022. I also consider it positive that the majority of the revenue comes from the target audience we aim to position the brand with,” concludes the CEO of Scorpion Bay.

“This is not the first collaboration experience with Tangoo,” comments Walter Junior Cassetta, Chief Strategic Officer of The Harvest Consulting, “and I am very satisfied with both the partnership and the feedback we are obtaining for this and other clients. But what matters most of all is seeing the first positive results emerge – only a few months later – a clear sign that the strategic choices made have immediately put the brand on a great growth path.” 

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