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29.06.2023 Press Release

Tangoo’s remarkable 2022

+67% revenue growth and new tech products set the stage for global expansion in 2023

by Marketing department


Milan, June 2023 – Tangoo, the Integrated Digital Media Partner, concluded 2022 with revenue growth up 67% over the previous year. The business also launched three new technology products: its Feed Manager tool, proprietary Smart Data technology, and the first version of the Tangoo dashboard, all of which have received positive feedback from customers and have delivered promising results.

Feed Manager enables the efficient organization, management, and optimization of product feeds (files that contain all products in the client’s catalog), making it an essential tool for managing e-commerce product catalogs. It is fully compatible with Google Studio Creative, allowing integration and management. For example, it can apply filters per category to show products belonging to specific categories if clients want to prioritize them, or can filter to display only discounted products, and so on. This tool helps manage campaigns with dynamic creatives in a more streamlined and personalized manner, saving time and ensuring maximum compatibility.

Smart Data is Tangoo’s proprietary technology for the advanced analysis of first-party data, providing insight into user browsing behavior for specific purchase intent categories. It offers a unique and personalized solution tailored to each client’s needs. 

Already tested in both cookie and cookieless environments, Smart Data is shown to drive a 2.5x increase in CTR compared to a retargeting strategy implemented with other platforms, all while maintaining significantly lower CPM costs.

The first release of the innovative Tangoo Dashboard provides comprehensive control over advertising campaign performance. Primarily targeted at agencies, this proprietary tool allows for transparent and real-time monitoring of costs and KPIs

With its advanced functionalities, the Tangoo Dashboard can create customized visualizations that extract data from any planning platform. Data can be filtered and presented based on specific parameters, offering a detailed and immediate overview of campaign performance. Additionally, the solution seamlessly integrates with other systems, ensuring a smooth flow of data. With the Tangoo Dashboard, agencies and brands can make informed decisions and optimize their advertising strategies effectively and efficiently.

Tangoo’s focus for 2023 is DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH.

Revenues are increasing – Q1-2023 ended with a 15% increase in revenue over the same period in 2022.

International development is accelerating through numerous collaborations and partnerships with agencies and affiliates underway in Europe, including France, Germany, and the UK. Tangoo has also successfully opened an office on Regent Street in London. Projections for the second half of 2023 include the planned opening of an office in the US and a projected +60% increase in annual revenue.

Commercial development continues to flourish in Italy, with clients spanning new industries such as beauty and pharma. The company is also undertaking ongoing projects for digital maturity strategies, including Scorpion Bay which was presented at Netcomm.

Tangoo continues to strengthen its team, with a new Senior Customer Success Manager for client management and a Sales Manager for business development joining the team in Italy in 1Q-2023. Additionally, in 2Q-2023, Tangoo announced the appointment of Luke Judge as Non-Executive Director, who will work on international expansion and product development. 

Tangoo’s product roadmap includes the creation of a PaaS (Platform as a Service), that encompasses all Tangoo technology products including Logico, Smart data, and Feed Manager. The target clients for this platform are both agencies and brands. The advantages of PaaS include solution aggregation, reasonable fees, a customized environment, and user-friendly features.

Tangoo is undergoing a visual rebrand that will reflect the company’s evolution. 

“2022 was a very strong year for the business with increased revenues demonstrating the value of our unique offering. This year we are on course to further build on that success internationally through a continued focus on product and technology innovation delivered by our first class team.”

Marino Gualano, Founder &
International Business Development Director, Tangoo

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