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Retargeting website visitors to drive conversion

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One of Italy’s oldest independent banks, Banca Sella was one of the first banks in both Italy and Europe to develop and publish a web site in 1996, bringing the banking business digital. Our collaboration started in 2018, when they were seeking a partner to drive lower-funnel conversions on their website.

The challenge

Around the time we started working together, Internet banking was becoming ever more prevalent in Italy. Despite being one of the pioneers in the Italian online banking scene, Banca Sella faced strong competition from market entrants both new and old: players such as Fineco, Che Banca!, Illimity,  and emerging neo banks like N26, Revolut and Wise were all gaining traction all over Europe. 

Because interest in digital banking was rife, Banca Sella had no lack of user traffic to their website. However, the challenge lay in retaining their attention and bringing potential clients back to convert into opening bank accounts with Sella.

How we helped

Our main objective was in retargeting users who, upon landing on Banca Sella’s site, did not convert into banking customers. We started campaigns on LOGICO, MainAd’s proprietary DSP, and moved them to Google’s Display & Video 360 after 12 months, in order to take advantage of Google inventory and targeting tools.

Our targeting strategy on DV360 was based on i) separate line items for different funnel steps and ii) recency on basket users who did not reach the end of the funnel between 3 hours to 72 hours after.  

Towards the end of 2020, we also started using Custom Bidding on the DV360 campaigns we were running for Banca Sella. Through defining how much different types of impressions were worth, we were then able to build an algorithm based on campaign insights that optimized bids for the highest performance, based on specific campaign goals.


Over the years, we’ve built a long lasting relationship with Banca Sella due to our committed efforts to making their data work for them. We maintained our eye on the prize, while keeping our campaigns flexible and our strategy optimal: through not sticking to one platform, we were able to take the positive that different tech solutions had to offer, and through constant analysis of user patterns, we were able to tweak our campaigns’ algorithms to work better for our client. 

The results speak for themselves: our campaigns with Banca Sella have maintained an overall Conversion Rate of 1.07%, and we’ve managed to maintain a healthy Click-through-Rate of 0.16%.


With the incorporation of Custom Bidding in our campaign strategies towards the end of 2020, KPIs further improved by:


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